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Mentalism? What's Mentalism?

By buzzcollins79111660, Apr 3 2017 09:07PM

It's been a little while since my last post so I thought I'd address one of the more common questions I get; particularly when I'm talking about my "Mind Games" show. That question, of course if the title of this blog.

The best way I can describe the craft of mentalism is that it's a process of using your 5 natural senses to create the perception of a "sixth sense". Aside from a dose of trickery, there are also techniques that involve watching body language and behavior, power of suggestion and, in some cases, even empathic techniques (mostly when deciding which individual is right for certain demonstrations.)

Now, that all said (and perhaps I've said too much!), here's a small sample from one of my more recent mentalism performances. Enjoy!

Jan 3 2018 09:27PM by Jack Ryan

Learning to do mentalism effects and magic tricks can be one of the most grindingly tedious experiences you will ever have.

But if you have to spend literally a thousand hours practicing (and another thousand hours sorting through lame YouTube videos posted by 11 year old preteens) to get good, is it really worth it?

Fortunately, I came across a simple way to start impressing friends and family with mentalism effects and magic tricks right away (instead of six months from now).

If anyone's interested, this is what helped me:

May 4 2018 06:52PM by mentalism books

great post guys, I just started mentalism

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