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Thanksgiving: Canada vs USA

By buzzcollins79111660, Oct 9 2016 09:46PM

It’s Thanksgiving in Canada. We celebrate it here very similarly to how it’s celebrated in the U.S., other than the date. We gather with family and loved ones to tear into more food than necessary and then vegetate on the couch to watch a game of something on TV.

Of course, the backdrop to our Thanksgiving is the changing colours of the season while for Americans, it’s the unofficial kickoff to the Christmas shopping season complete with parades sponsored by major department stores. We don’t have a “Black Friday” per se, but we make up for it with “Boxing Day Blow-outs” the day after Christmas.

As an American who has resided in Canada most of my life, I’m not sure if there’s a Thanksgiving that’s better than the other (Canada vs US), but I will say this, I am thankful that I live in one of the greatest countries in the world. Despite our problems, we are a truly blessed nation and I still feel the greatest lottery I ever won was being adopted by Canadian parents. I certainly don’t take it for granted; especially when considering the current state of the world.

It’s with that sentiment that I wish all my Canadian friends and family a very happy Thanksgiving. Leave room for pie.

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