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Time To Put The Feet Up

By buzzcollins79111660, Dec 21 2016 09:29PM

Well, I finally have a moment to reflect on what was my busiest corporate Xmas season ever.

Almost half the gigs were mentalism shows, the other half, of course, were hypno. Some shows were for repeat clients while others took me to places I had never been (ie. Manitoulin Island.)

Each year I have at least one moment that stands out as more memorable than the rest. This year, it had to be the one during the show in Oshawa for a property management company. I had a hypnotized individual doing his best to perform CPR on a skunk that had been "accidentally run over". Behind me, I hear a female voice frantically singing "Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin alive, stayin alive!" I turn around to see a young lady with tears literally streaming down her cheeks as she's trying her best to sing the song that is supposed to provide the perfect beats-per-minute for CPR. Priceless. Fortunately, the skunk was resuscitated and all ended well.

My least favorite moment of this past season was watching a volunteer destroy one of my handmade props used in my mentalism show. Alcohol can sometimes be the catalyst for unpleasant moments in any live performance.

Taking some time to rest and enjoy the holiday. Some exciting announcements to come!

Merry Christmas!!

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