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By buzzcollins79111660, Sep 8 2016 06:07PM

I'm still amazed at how many people get excited every time Apple launches a new product. I don't mean to slight the innovation and overall impressive features of each product they create. I'm just surprised that we haven't become a little jaded by now.

Don't we all know by now that no matter what they spring on us; whether it has the latest and greatest or the first of this or that, that by this time next year, it just won't be good enough? Maybe I'm getting a little cynical in my middlish-age.

I'm curious though. Will you be in line to get one? Maybe you're a die-hard Android owner and you have since escaped the cult of Apple (like me)?

In my humble opinion, no matter how advanced the latest phone is, at the end of the day, 99% of what it's used for will be used for posting selfies and texting.

To check out the very quick, but detailed promo for the iPhone 7 click here.

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