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The Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show transforms any corporate event into a memorable experience audiences will be talking about long after the curtain closes! Companies like Ernst & Young, 3M, and Century 21 have counted on Buzz to do exactly that when they've booked him for their most important events.


Buzz has been a favorite at conventions and corporate events because of his dynamic and personable style. He's starred in theaters, casinos, and resorts including return week-long headlining engagements at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. It was in the "entertainment capital of the world", Las Vegas, where Buzz achieved his certification as a world class stage hypnotist. His experience as a solid communicator and a mesmerizing entertainer has put Buzz in demand throughout North America!


You may have the perfect corporate event idea, but the success of your event is directly related to the quality of the entertainment you hire and how well that entertainer can connect with your audience.

With so many different choices when it comes to corporate event ideas, how do you know you are picking the best entertainer for your event?

Our goal is to make the process an easy one for you with an end result that provides a professional, corporate entertainment experience that makes your event stand out as memorable, fun and enjoyable for everyone in attendance.


Why choose the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show?


A top choice in

corporate entertainment

Guaranteed to make your next corporate event a

memorable success!!

If you're reading this, you're probably in search of the right corporate entertainer for that next event.  Good news!  You've come to the right place!



A few things you should keep in mind...

• There are a lot of “Jack of all trade” performers out there. One night they’re doing balloon animals for 6 year olds, the next they’re DJ'ing at their local bar and on Friday night they’re a hypnotist. The problem with that, as the expression goes, they tend to be a “master of none”.


• Is your stage hypnotist insured? If not, find one that is. There is no reason a hypnotist should be performing without insurance.


• What kind of training does the stage hypnotist have? Buzz Collins is a clinically trained, professional hypnotist having completed in-class training in both stage hypnotism and hypnotherapy. Believe it or not, there are performing hypnotists that have little more knowledge than what they were able to gleam from a YouTube video!


As we mentioned already, our goal is to make the process of booking the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show a stress-free experience from start to finish with a pay-off that will speak for itself!


Here’s how it works:


Step 1 - Upon contacting us, we first confirm our availability for the date of your event.


Step 2 - Then we get to the question that’s first and foremost on your mind: How much? Our fee will vary depending on a number of factors, but we do our utmost to facilitate most corporate entertainment budgets.


Step 3 - After a fee is agreed upon, we send you a clear and concise contract. You then return a signed copy along with a deposit (usually 50%) and that’s it!


Of course, you can contact us without any obligation, tell us about your corporate event ideas and ask as many questions as you like!


What to expect when booking the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show:

At the moment you make the decision to book the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show, you become our customer and as such, are treated with priority from day one.


Our promise:


• We will be prompt to return any messages within 24 hours of receiving them (usually within an hour or so).


• If requested, we will work with you to produce customized segments for your specific event or guest of honor.


• You will have free access to any of our marketing material to facilitate the promotion of your corporate event.


• If the venue doesn’t have the necessary technical gear for our production, we will look after that from our end (one less thing for you to stress about).


• We will arrive to the venue no less than one hour (most times 2 hours) prior to show time.


For anyone who has not been to this type of show there is usually some apprehension as to what to expect. First and foremost, contrary to popular belief, NO ONE CAN BE HYPNOTIZED AGAINST THEIR WILL. The process is a completely voluntary one.


The show starts with a brief opening monologue from Buzz which explains to audience members what to expect. Then he gets the entire audience to participate in a suggestibility test where guests realize in a very simple demonstration how easily the mind can be influenced from outside suggestions.


Following that, Buzz invites anyone who wants to experience the phenomena of hypnosis to join him on the stage. He then takes a moment to dispel any pre-conceived ideas or myths that anyone might have pertaining to hypnosis and then after some brief instructions to those on stage and in the audience, he begins his induction.


This process takes only a few minutes. Following that, Buzz narrows down his selection of volunteers to those that are in a state that allows them to really become the stars of the show!

"Controlled Chaos"

The rest of the show is what Buzz refers to as “controlled chaos”. It’s controlled because Buzz is a professional stage hypnotist who is trained and well equipped to stay in charge of every moment. The safety of his volunteers is priority number 1.  It’s “chaos”, because no two shows are ever alike. He may use some of his favorite routines in multiple shows, but how one individual responds, compared to another, is always unpredictable and, most times, absolutely hilarious!

Will you embarass anyone?

There is no doubt that your audience will laugh uncontrollably when they witness the antics that occur on Buzz’s stage! However, those laughs will not come at the expense of someone else’s reputation.


Unfortunately, many folks have left a hypnotist’s stage afraid to show their face at work the next morning. That is definitely not the case when it comes to the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show.


The biggest part of Buzz’s business comes from word of mouth and repeat bookings. Obviously, it’s in Buzz’s best interest to make his volunteer’s hypnotic experience a positive one. Creating great memories via an entertainment experience that makes regular people the stars of the show is something Buzz prides himself on.

Contact us today for availability!

Is the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show The Right Fit For My Event?

Let’s be honest. We can promise you prompt, courteous, professional service, but does that mean a comedy hypnosis show is the right entertainment for your event? Here are just a few comments from past clients:


"Faced with an audience of IT folk, Buzz rose to the challenge and was a smash hit! Tasteful and appropriate for the crowd, but still delivered with an edge!!”

    ~Darryl Salisbury - Enterprise Program, SaskPower, Regina, Canada


"Buzz gave us more laughs than we’ve ever experienced at any of our company functions!! Will definitely book him again!!"

    ~Terri Fallon - 3M/Treo Solutions, Troy, NY


"Your impact was simply brilliant. As an MC you are clearly at ease and a genius at what you do but your hypnosis show was by far the best part of our day. I've never laughed so hard in my life. You managed to allow us to break down some barriers and enjoy our colleagues in a way that's not obvious on a regular day to day operation of such a big organization. For your part in this highly successful day, I applaud you with the highest regard."    

    ~Julie Jarvo - St. Lawrence Parks Commission – Ontario, Canada


One other aspect to consider when booking the right entertainer is “Does he or she suit the theme or key message point of our event?”


There’s no doubt as to whether the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show can provide the laughs for your function. However, if there’s a particular message or theme for your event, as a professional corporate entertainer, Buzz is eager to accommodate any special requests and will work with you to ensure its overall success.

Customized for your event.

Buzz’s “Mind Games” show is perfect for any size audience as well as any required time frame.  We understand that smaller groups tend to have less room for entertainment expenditures, which is why we are most often able to produce a show that not only suits the size of your event, but also the size of your budget.


Just like the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show, “Mind Games”, can be catered to accommodate your event’s theme or key message. It’s also somewhat more flexible logistically in that it can be performed anywhere from a boardroom to a large theater.


Even though no one is hypnotized in the “Mind Games” show, it is still a highly interactive performance. After taking part in a variety of demonstrations including ESP, prediction, premonition, telepathy and more, your guests will honestly be wondering if perhaps there is such a thing as a “sixth sense”!!

I still have a few questions.

If you’ve read this far, perhaps you still have a question about our entertainment services that hasn’t been addressed.  We whole heartedly believe there is no such thing as a stupid question, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!  Feel free to share any corporate event ideas you may have and we're more than eager to work with you to ensure it's success!


Or, perhaps by this point, the only question you have is, “How do I book Buzz?”


In either case, it’s as simple as filling out the space below. In most cases, you’ll be contacted directly by Buzz himself (who better to answer any of your questions regarding his shows?)


Obviously, availability is based upon a “first come, first served” basis so our only recommendation is not to leave it to the last minute. There is certainly no obligation so contact us today!

* Required

The Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show is best suited for pretty much any gathering of 100 or more. If you have a group smaller than that, we would recommend Buzz’s incredibly entertaining “Mind Games” show!

Mind Games

That pretty much covers it...