HYPNOTIST                                   MENTALIST

Buzz’s “Mind Games” show is perfect for any size audience as well as any required time frame.


We understand that smaller groups tend to have less room for entertainment expenditures, which is why we are most often able to produce a show that not only suits the size of your event, but also the size of your budget.

Aside from Buzz’s talents as a professional stage hypnotist, he has also made a name for himself as a world-class mentalist. “What is mentalism?” We're glad you asked!

Mind Games - perfect

for any size audience

Just like the Buzz Collins Comedy Hypnosis Show, “Mind Games” can be catered to accommodate your event’s theme or the key message.


It’s also somewhat more flexible logistically as it can be performed anywhere from a boardroom to a large theater.

A personalized entertainment experience

Even though no one is hypnotized in the “Mind Games” show, it is still a highly-interactive performance. After taking part in a variety of phenomena, including ESP, prediction, premonition, telepathy and more, your guests will honestly be wondering if perhaps there is such a thing as a “sixth sense”!

Make your next event a memorable one


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